A day-in-the-life of depression

Mental health can be a difficult topic of discussion. However, no one needs to suffer alone. This video briefly discusses some symptoms of major depressive disorder (MDD) and how it manifests in the daily life of a person. Drug therapy is typically used to treat most cases of depression, but not everyone successfully responds to drug therapy alone. Hence, this video hopes to shed some light on the effectiveness of CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) as a treatment option for MDD. CBT can be utilized to change a person’s thought distortions and improve one’s emotional state. Personalized coping mechanisms are developed to enable a person to tackle problems on their own on a daily basis.

This video was made by the McMaster Demystifying Medicine students (Ebuka, Katie, Foluso and Layna).

Copyright McMaster University 2019.

DISCLAIMER: The use of a vlog style was used for the creative aspect of this assignment ONLY. This video seeks to educate viewers on some common symptoms and treatments for depression, namely CBT. This is by no means meant to accurately portray or generalize any individual suffering from depression.


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