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Alcohol Detox Chula Vista offers an array of comprehensive treatment programs that are beneficial to the recovery of an addicted individual. They provide detoxification treatment for any type of drug dependency. Also, they have inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation program as well as sober living options. Along with their efficient addiction specialists, they perform medically-supervised detoxification treatment. They as well have aftercare programs for those who wish to prolong their treatment.

With the desire of providing quality services and medical treatment to individuals who are struggling from alcoholism and drug abuse, Alcohol Detox Chula Vista is available night and day. They offer inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation program and detoxification treatment for any type of addiction. A sober living plan is also available in the 24/7 facility of Alcohol Detox Chula Vista.

Recovery is an ongoing, lifelong process that takes time, patience and conviction. When a person is suffering from the adverse consequences of alcoholism, the whole family and the people around him is affected. Recuperating from alcoholism is not as easy as stopping your alcohol drinking. The journey to recovery involves multiple fallbacks and the urges to go back to alcohol use. There is no definite period on how long alcoholism recovery may take place. Your body goes through a process of rebalancing when you are recovering from a persistent period of drinking.

It is not easy to work on the process of recovery. There are a lot of twists and turns as well as the threat of relapse. However, if you are committed to your desire to attain sobriety, you’ll be able to achieve alcoholism recovery and continue to live sober. Get help from one of the nation's leading alcohol detox center. highly-trained staff, quality care, and 24/7 help services. Live your life free from addiction. Call Alcohol Detox Chula Vista today!

Our Services


Medically supervised treatment to manage withdrawal symptoms due to alcohol detoxification that matches the patient's needs.


Inpatient rehab for alcohol use disorders using intensive therapy and counseling to identify and address the addiction's root cause.


Medically supervised drug detox for patients at risk of having severe withdrawal symptoms that might require medical intervention.


Inpatient drug rehab in a distraction - free environment to give patients the best chance of being free for life from substance addiction.


Offering group therapy, One on one counseling and more.


Medical and rehabilitation therapies for alcohol and drug dependent Vetenars including professional detoxification and psychiatric care.

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  • Call for questions with Alcohol Detox Chula Vista
  • Get Immediate treatment help!
  • Our Addiction specialists available 24/7
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