Alcohol Detox Of Fontana

Alcohol Detox of Fontana

Alcohol Detox of Fontana provides medical care and services 24/7. They are a renowned facility that acknowledges payment through any type of insurance. This can be used in covering their inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation. Alcohol Detox of Fontana as well offers detox treatment and sober living options.

Alcohol Detox of Fontana has two programs intended for patients and these are inpatient program and outpatient program. Both may sound different including their methods of curing a recovering individual but at the end of the program, both clients from those programs will return to their normal lives again.

Tips on How to Stay Clean After Alcohol Detox

Whats happens after successful alcohol detox? How do you stay sober after detoxification? Does it mean no more alcohol after detoxification?

These are a few question that are often asked after a successful detoxification by most people. Going through the detox phase is not the end to alcoholism treatment, it’s simply the first step on your way to sobriety. It is the crucial starting point to recovery from alcohol dependence as it is impossible to be abstinent from a substance without first removing it from your system. After detoxification you would have to undergo some treatments for the withdrawal symptoms that follows.

Managing alcohol cravings after detox can be a real struggle. Here are a few tip that will help you prevent relapse and remain sober after alcohol detox.

1. Know Your Triggers

It is essential to have a knowledge of what might trigger your urge to drink, these triggers could be external or internal. Recognizing these triggers and staying clear of them are key to fully quitting alcohol intake and maintain sobriety.

External triggers includes places, people, things or times of the day

Internal triggers may include emotions (happy or sad), frustration, tension, anxiety or even a physical sensation.

2. Avoid Alcohol Prone Situations

It is best to avoid situations that could make you have contact with alcohol. It is advisable not to keep alcohol at home. Members of your family can help in this area by not keeping or consuming alcohol at home. For this period it is advisable to stay clear of your drinking buddies and avoid going to places where alcohol would be served even if its for a short while.

3. Talk To Others

It is best to have regular conversations with your family and friends after detoxification. Having an understanding of alcoholism would enable your family be more supportive to you. Express your views calmly to them and also listen to their concerns and advise. You could speak to a professional and also join a support group, where people who go through similar situations share their thoughts and testimonies and this will help encourage you to stay sober.

4. Eat Healthy

Eating healthy meals and staying hydrated are vital to the healing process as they help restore your physical and mental health. Deficiency in basic nutrients can impede the recovery process and lead to depression and anxiety might trigger a relapse. Eat meals that improve digestion, promote blood sugar and improve brain chemistry. Ensure you eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables to derive essential vitamins, fiber and minerals. Drink plenty of water, it is the single most important nutrient for the body and it can help reduce alcohol cravings and cleanse the body.

5. Exercise

Getting involved in physical activities and exercises is a good way to replace harmful behaviors. Create a suitable exercise routine and stick to it. It will help ease your mind and develop your body. You could also get yourself a hobby, this will help keep your mind off alcohol and alleviate boredom which could have triggered a relapse.

After a successful alcohol detox you should endeavor to abstain from alcohol for a very long time. Some might think having just a little might be harmless, this could be true but it can easily trigger a relapse so its best to stay totally off alcohol for at least a year.

Get help for alcoholism! Take your life back by getting started in a treatment program today. Get help from one of the nation's leading alcohol detox center. Highly-Trained Staff, quality care and 24/7 help services. We will design an individual addiction treatment program specifically to fit your unique addiction, and personal needs, ensuring that it works!

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Medically supervised treatment to manage withdrawal symptoms due to alcohol detoxification that matches the patient's needs.


Inpatient rehab for alcohol use disorders using intensive therapy and counseling to identify and address the addiction's root cause.


Medically supervised drug detox for patients at risk of having severe withdrawal symptoms that might require medical intervention.


Inpatient drug rehab in a distraction - free environment to give patients the best chance of being free for life from substance addiction.


Offering group therapy, One on one counseling and more.


Medical and rehabilitation therapies for alcohol and drug dependent Vetenars including professional detoxification and psychiatric care.

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