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Looking for recovery services treatment for alcohol abuse that is anchored by specialists certified in addiction medicine, away from unhealthy environments that can feed into your substance abuse, Alcohol Detox of Port St. Lucie is here for you and to your loved one needs. We are experts in life experiencing not just by words but with action. Trust us and our team that you can get through from detox to sobriety. Our programs can help you process your past and move on to a healthier future.

If you still suspect that substance dependence or abuse may be a problem, now is the time to reach out for help. The sooner an alcohol addiction issue is addressed, the better.

Considering the dangers and damages surrounding alcoholism, Alcohol Detox of Port St. Lucie detoxification is necessary to avoid further damages. Alcoholism can even result in the termination of life. For example, a drunk driver can become confused and cause an accident that may lead to his own death and even other road users. Meanwhile, there is no specific time that detoxification should or should not be done regardless of the level of the victim's alcoholism (whether mild or severe).

Alcohol detox here at Alcohol Detox of Port St. Lucie refers to the process of withdrawing an alcoholic from alcohol intake and makes the victim abstain permanently from alcohol. Before attempting detoxification, the first thing to do is to seek the consent of a medical doctor. It is very dangerous to attempt detox privately without the supervision of medical experts as it can result in developing severe ailment which causes further damage to the life of the victim. However, detoxification does not mean that toxic substances will be totally removed from the patient’s body. If done this way, the dangers involved might be unbearable. Therefore the physician supervising the patient will have to substitute alcohol with some cross-tolerant drugs that have similar effects with alcohol so as to present alcohol withdrawal symptoms. More so, the production of neurotransmitters may be affected during detox because readjustment has to occur in the brain due to alcohol tolerance that the body has built over a long period of time. The following are the family of drugs used for alcohol detox: Nitrous Oxide, benzodiazepines, and sympatholytics.

Meanwhile, doctors need to supervise the patient constantly and ensure his physical, social and mental health. When there is an abrupt cessation of alcohol in the body, the central nervous system which has been adapted to alcohol intake can begin some negative reactions which may lead to alcohol withdrawal symptoms which include: severe headaches, vomiting, insomnia, nightmares, loss of food appetite, fast heartbeat, excessive sweating etc. this is a major reason why it is dangerous to detox oneself privately without the supervision of a medical doctor. Paper medications will be administered to the patient in order to limit or reduce the effects of those withdrawal symptoms earlier mentioned. Furthermore, supervisors need to help the patient get better not only medically but also psychologically. Alcoholism affects every aspect of man’s life and deprives them of the opportunity to a higher and better expression of themselves. After abstinence from alcohol has been achieved, Alcohol Detox of Port St. Lucie provides help and support for the patient in order to gain access to normal life, reunion to family members, continue in the pursuit of their cancer, live a happy and healthy life and became useful to himself and the society.

If you or someone you know has struggled with alcoholism, there are alternative treatment options available for a healthier future. If you would like to learn more about the Alcohol Detox of Port St. Lucie call one of the specialists for information on enrollment, insurance and if you qualify for the program

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Medically supervised treatment to manage withdrawal symptoms due to alcohol detoxification that matches the patient's needs.


Inpatient rehab for alcohol use disorders using intensive therapy and counseling to identify and address the addiction's root cause.


Medically supervised drug detox for patients at risk of having severe withdrawal symptoms that might require medical intervention.


Inpatient drug rehab in a distraction - free environment to give patients the best chance of being free for life from substance addiction.


Offering group therapy, One on one counseling and more.


Medical and rehabilitation therapies for alcohol and drug dependent Vetenars including professional detoxification and psychiatric care.

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