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How To Combat Drug Addiction

It is the secret that prevention is better than the cure therefore as an individual, as a parent or as a friend, your priority should always be to keep yourself and your loved ones away from the curse of drug addiction. If you are looking for ways that you can do achieve this, or are looking to become more aware of drug rehab and drug addiction treatments then keep reading.

Observation, Empathy, and Prevention

Most people develop habits of drug abuse early in their teen years, as they are far more impressionable and vulnerable during that phase of life. Furthermore, there are factors like peer pressure and stress/depression that come into play. Typically, the use and onset of drug usage begin during puberty, in the event of family divorce and instances of bullying, etc. Also, teenagers are more prone to trying drugs for the adrenaline and risk factor that comes with it. Therefore, it is essential for parents and peers to keep a vigilant eye for any such instances and counsel anyone who shows the potential and warning signs of going down this path.

Residential Treatment

Residential treatment entails moving away from your house/apartment and workplace into a rehabilitation center for some highly intensive drug treatment. The purpose of this is to remove any triggers from one’s life that might be impelling them towards drug abuse, including family, friends, and school life. This allows one a great deal of perspective so they can heal both physically and emotionally in a safe environment. Depending on the extent of addiction, residential treatment can last anywhere from a couple of weeks to a few months.

Partial or Outpatient Treatment

Partial hospitalization is offered for people who want to take part in a drug rehab program but also want to stay at their own homes during this time. For this, they meet up at the addiction treatment center for about 7 or 8 hours daily and then return to their home for the night. This is very similar to an outpatient treatment wherein you can schedule flexible hours around work or school times. Treatment plans such as this can be especially helpful since the patient can seek treatment while in the familiar and comfortable confines of their home.




Medically supervised treatment to manage withdrawal symptoms due to Drug Rehabification that matches the patient's needs.


Inpatient rehab for Drug use disorders using intensive therapy and counseling to identify and address the addiction's root cause.


Medically supervised Drug Rehab for patients at risk of having severe withdrawal symptoms that might require medical intervention.


Inpatient drug rehab in a distraction - free environment to give patients the best chance of being free for life from substance addiction.


Offering group therapy, One on one counseling and more.


Medical and rehabilitation therapies for Drug and drug dependent Vetenars including professional detoxification and psychiatric care.

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  • Call for questions with Drug Rehab Of Los Angeles
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