Inpatient and outpatient alcohol rehab are two different types of treatment programs. Inpatient rehab is a more intensive form of treatment where patients live at the rehab facility for a period of time, usually ranging from a few weeks to a few months. This allows patients to receive 24/7 medical and emotional support, and to fully focus on their recovery.

Outpatient rehab, on the other hand, is a less intensive form of treatment that allows patients to continue living at home while attending regular therapy sessions and support group meetings at the rehab facility. Outpatient rehab can be a good option for those who have a strong support system at home, who need to continue working or going to school, or who have completed an inpatient rehab program and need ongoing support.

The decision between inpatient and outpatient alcohol rehab will depend on the individual’s specific needs and circumstances, as well as the recommendations of their healthcare provider.