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We are Addiction Recovery Now And when it comes to addiction, whether it is to prescription painkillers, CRYSTAL Meth, Methamphetamine, Heroin, Opioids, Oxycontin or any other drug, having the right kind of addiction abuse and detox support to help you through treatment is crucial.

Addiction is a disease and we help you through every step of the recovery and treatment process in a very comfortable environment.

Every addict who has overcome their addiction is likely to have a different success story than the next. For instance, some individuals can quit cold turkey (depending on the drug) and others had to use multiple forms of therapy and detox to kick their habit. No two addicts are going to be the same. We treat the whole person.

It is for this reason that a professional treatment facility can be critical to overcoming a drug addiction and to staying clean.

Your recovery starts very soon after you call us. Let’s get started today.

Treatment & Services:

Rehabilitation teaches clients to relinquish harmful, addictive behaviors with CBT based therapy, and guides people in recovery to embrace healthy methods of self expression and stress relief. Treatment consists of detox, residential rehab, outpatient rehab, and drug counseling. Addiction treatment is essential in preventing relapse and establishing long-term sobriety.

Help for Friends & Family:

Counseling for loved ones of those with chronic substance use disorders is crucial to keep the bridges of communication open. Family therapy during the course of recovery is instrumental in guiding loved ones to aid recovery and understand addiction. Conversely, family services allow loved ones to remain in control of their lives, apart from addiction.

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