Breast cancer awareness & help for women at First Step Home

CINCINNATI (WKRC) – A donation of new bras was made to the Erica J. Holloman Foundation.

Those bras were donated to women in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction at First Step Home. Sort of a unique pairing of one mom making a difference for other moms.

Lindsy Davis couldn’t be more thrilled to be sober, healthy, and headed to work.

Because 18 months ago, “I was seven months pregnant and I was sick and tired of being sick and tired and hopeless.”

All that changed when she recently gave birth to her baby girl, named Summer.

She said getting off drugs and alcohol showed her, “Determination that I’m strong and that I can be strong and she can do anything just like I did.”

Davis credits her success to First Step Home.

Rachel Lyon, First Step Home director of development, said, “First Step Home is a treatment agency for women recovering from addiction who can live together with their children while they recover.”

What makes the program unique at First Step Home is the way they tie mothers in with their children throughout the entire recovery. Women are not forced to choose between getting well and their children. It also gives them some unique things in recovery that moms could really use.

That is where Josie Holloman and her husband, Bobby, come in. They lost their daughter, Erica, recently to Triple Negative breast cancer. Triple Negative breast cancer is an aggressive form of breast cancer that often targets younger women and those who are African American.

Erica died at age 35. So now, as part of the Erica J. Holloman Foundation for awareness of Triple Negative breast cancer. They have a bra drive every year for 35 days.

Once collected they sew on pink ribbons that say “#smilingforErica.”

“And then we donate them to organizations that have women that are in need, underserved women, women going back to work, a new bra can just make you feel good,” said Josie.

The goal is to have a Triple Negative education program soon at First Step Home to distribute the bras. They’ve invited Local 12 to attend to allow a follow up.