California Drug Rehab – California Drug Rehab Center

California Drug Rehab ( or call 877-762-3707) If you are you looking for a comprehensive, highly effective California Drug Rehab, the Lakehouse Recovery Center offers superb residential treatment, sober living and outpatient care for Drug and Alcohol Addiction. The Lakehouse California Drug Rehab is an insurance supported, detox and treatment program for men and women, offering compassionate medical and psychological care, individual and group therapy, life skills development, relapse prevention, physical therapy, nutrition and family counseling. Our 30, 60, and 90 day California Drug Rehab programs address anxiety, stress management, depression and any trauma from substance abuse. We are state licensed and Gold Seal CARF Accredited. Our California Drug Rehab is highly personalized in a family-style setting with a 3 to 1 Staff to Client ratio! The beautifully appointed six bed lakeside residence offers boating, bass fishing, kayaking, and Equine therapy. All rooms are private, and we are pet-friendly. Start your journey to renewed confidence, self-worth and a healthy, productive life, Lakehouse Recovery Center is your answer. Simply visit our website or call 877-762-3707 today. Help begins the moment you call our California Drug Rehab!