Whether or not rehab patients can have visitors can depend on a variety of factors, including the policies of the specific rehab center, the stage of treatment, and the needs and goals of the individual patient.

In general, most rehab centers allow visitors at designated times and under specific conditions. For example, some rehab centers may allow visitors only during certain hours, while others may have more flexible visitation policies.

In some cases, visitation may be restricted during the early stages of treatment, when individuals are going through detox and may be experiencing withdrawal symptoms. This is done to provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals as they go through this difficult process.

Additionally, some rehab centers may have specific policies around who can visit and under what circumstances. For example, they may require that visitors be approved in advance or be limited to family members or close friends.

Overall, whether or not rehab patients can have visitors will depend on the specific policies of the rehab center and the individual needs and goals of the patient. It is important to check with the rehab center in advance to understand their policies around visitation and any other rules or guidelines that may apply.