Conquering Heroin Addiction | The free rehab that really worked | How I overcame Heroin & Crack

#Addiction #MentalHealth #HeroinAddiction In this episode Dina discusses how she started to experiment with drugs from a young age in order to try to deal with difficult emotions she was experiencing. Unfortunately Dina was offered heroin from a young age when she started hanging around with the wrong crowd, Dina then moved on to try crack and developed a serious crack addiction. After a number of attempts at rehab Dina’s parents stepped in and took her to an alternative type of rehab where she remained for 5 years without any devices or internet access. Dina tells her story of the process over overcoming heroin and crack addiction and what life was like when she got back home after 5 years. Dina has completely transformed her and now helps others who struggle with addictions.

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