Detroit. A Sweet Woman Works The Street For A Drug Habit ** Read Notes Below **

I had taken this video down by my own volition a couple of years ago. No one requested that I do so. At the time I found out she had daughters and I just didn’t think leaving her video up was a good idea. Since then, I’ve found YouTube has allowed others to upload the video as if it was their own long ago. My reason for not making the video private any longer is number one, it’s on other channels anyway, and two, a lot more good has come from these videos than I ever imagined. In every case with every video of these women there wasn’t a single example of their friends and relatives being fully aware of their situations. Ultimately, it was Penny’s decision to agree to a video. She’s was eventually murdered and lay in a coma for weeks before she passed. As always, per family requests, I’m fine with leaving the option that I take down any video if asked to do so. I’d also be interested in your feeling on me uploading any of these videos. Anyone leaving rude, nasty or demeaning comments about any of these women will have their comments deleted and their channel I.D. blocked. The text below is the original description of the video.

I always find it interesting speaking with women working the street. The answer is always the same on how women like this lady got there; broken families, dropping out of school, abusive relatives, cigarettes, alcohol, crack and then heroin. What a life. Listening to this woman she seems very nice and is simply lost in a world of endless doom. Any ideas?