Yes, an addict can change with the right treatment, support, and resources. Addiction is a treatable condition, and with the right interventions, individuals can achieve and maintain sobriety.

The journey to recovery can be difficult and challenging, and relapse is a common part of the recovery process. However, with ongoing support and treatment, individuals can learn to manage their addiction, develop healthy coping strategies, and build a fulfilling and meaningful life in sobriety.

It’s important to note that recovery is a personal journey, and the path to recovery may look different for each individual. It’s important for individuals to work with a healthcare professional or addiction specialist to develop a treatment plan that is tailored to their individual needs and circumstances.

Additionally, recovery is a lifelong process, and it’s important for individuals to prioritize their ongoing health and well-being, and to seek support and resources as needed. Support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous can provide ongoing support and encouragement for individuals in recovery.

Overall, while addiction can be a difficult and challenging condition, individuals can and do recover with the right support, resources, and commitment to the recovery process.