Drug Addiction Treatment Program in Malibu and Los Angeles

(… – Stop telling yourself you can’t do it. Take a chance. Call Oro House Recovery Centers toll-free at (866) 938-3258 to learn more about our Drug Addiction Treatment Program in Los Angeles and Malibu, California.)

Our non 12 step rehab program utilizes the most effective evidence-based treatment therapies that have proven to be successful for a lasting recovery. (…)

We also offer dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring disorders of addiction and mental health issues combined. (…)

Outpatient and Aftercare programs are ideal for our alumni to continue working on sobriety and recovery after they have completed residential treatment. Our compassionate care model focuses on relapse prevention techniques and integration back into a work routine. (…)

Call us toll-free at (888) 595-0235 to find out about Oro House Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment programs in Malibu and Los Angeles, California. (

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