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Which drug rehab in Louisiana offers the best addiction treatment program? Recovery Treatment Place can be the right choice for individuals struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. To know more about the rehab center, you can take a look at the video presentation prepared by Recovery Treatment Place. Recovery Treatment Place is an alcohol and drug addiction treatment facility focusing on substance abuse and addiction. We provide detoxification programs and holistic combined addiction treatment programs to help individuals successfully attain life-long recovery. Through the implementation of total abstinence, evidence and holistic-based treatment approaches, we empower patients towards self-discovery, personal development and develop a sense of responsibility as part of the comprehensive customized addiction treatment program. Our team of physicians and addiction treatment specialist are capable of developing a treatment program for each recovering patient to address all the underlying causes of their addiction that often blacks patients in acquiring positive and healthy behaviors that support a healthy lifestyle. Highly individualized addiction treatment programs at Recovery Treatment Place include a prominent family therapy session that allows the family members of the patients to participate in the rehab treatment process. We welcome all individuals from all walks of life and struggling with alcohol and drug addiction at our rehab center. We completely understand that addiction caused from a various issues life and family issues. But, recovery is possible with us.

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“Fantastic Personnel! I actually could see that everyone at Recovery Treatment Place cared about my rehabilitation and wanted me to succeed. I wouldn’t be sober now without them!”

Erin – New Orleans, LA, 2014-11-03


“Extremely Efficient! Recovery Treatment Place was amazingly understanding and helpful, even though I used to obstinately claim that rehab couldn’t be effective. My whole existence is much better because of them!”

Gregory – Gretna, LA, 2014-09-16


“They Were Great! I was very unsure about Recovery Treatment Place at first, however, I really think that they saved me. When I started abusing alcohol and drugs, my life began to spin out of my control, and I lost my children, my house, and my job because I didn’t understand how to quit. My life surely became more positive after I finally made up my mind to find help. Thanks to their great treatment programs and awesome employees, I am able to really say that my life is back on the right track. I can’t express how extremely thankful I am!”

Kelly – Harvey, LA, 2014-07-21


“Amazing Services! I truly needed rehab to help me with my drug and alcohol addiction issues, however, I don’t know why I waited until I was at rock bottom. Because of Recovery Treatment Place, I was capable of understanding my issues with drug abuse and the way to cope without drugs or alcohol. I would certainly suggest them to anyone who suspects they may have a problem with drug abuse.”

Kenneth – Kenner, LA, 2014-06-24


Unbelievable Treatment Center! Getting clean was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, however, I think I did it because of Recovery Treatment Place. Though drug and alcohol addiction had hospitalized me more than a couple of times, and I’d gone to prison because of it, nothing was bad enough to make me stop using alcohol and drugs. I was in a lot of trouble, and my life was in danger, once I began treatment. They helped me realize what I was doing that prevented me from getting clean, and helped me understand my issues with drug and alcohol abuse. I’m alive today thanks to them.

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