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If you are considering drug rehab, it is important to know what to expect so that you can prepare for the experience and make the most of your treatment. Here are some things to expect when entering drug rehab:

Intake and Assessment: When you first enter drug rehab, you will likely go through an intake and assessment process. This may involve filling out forms, providing medical information, and speaking with a counselor to determine the best treatment plan for your needs.

Detoxification: If you are physically dependent on drugs or alcohol, you may need to undergo detoxification. This is the process of removing drugs or alcohol from your system and can involve medical supervision and support.

Treatment Modalities: Drug rehab may involve a range of treatment modalities, such as medication-assisted treatment, behavioral therapies, and support groups. You may also participate in individual counseling and group therapy sessions.

Support and Accountability: Drug rehab is designed to provide a supportive and accountable environment that can help you achieve and maintain sobriety. You may be required to attend support group meetings and participate in regular check-ins with your counselor.

Aftercare: After you complete drug rehab, you will likely be provided with aftercare services, such as ongoing counseling, support groups, and medical care. These services are designed to help you maintain your sobriety and avoid relapse.

Overall, drug rehab can be a challenging but rewarding experience that can help you overcome addiction and improve your life. By understanding what to expect and committing to the process, you can make the most of your treatment and achieve long-term recovery.