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Family group therapy for addiction is a type of therapy that involves the individual with addiction and their family members in the treatment process. The goal of family group therapy is to improve communication, strengthen relationships, and promote healthy coping strategies for both the individual with addiction and their family members.

During family group therapy sessions, family members come together to discuss the impact of addiction on the family and work together to identify and address problematic patterns of behavior and communication. Family members are encouraged to express their feelings and concerns in a safe and supportive environment, and the therapist works with the family to develop healthy coping strategies and establish boundaries.

Family group therapy can help families understand and cope with the impact of addiction on their lives, and can also help promote long-term recovery for the individual with addiction. By working together as a family, individuals with addiction and their loved ones can establish a strong support system and develop healthy communication and coping strategies that can help them maintain sobriety and rebuild their relationships.