Family roles in addiction 2021

( Differing roles in the family described in this video in addicted families given by Michele DowneyRN LMFT. Describes the family hero, lost child, scapegoat, and mascot and what their roles are and why it isn’t easily changed. When studying alcoholic families in the early ’70s and ’80s, alcoholic families became a template for all dysfunctional families. Later it extended to families with mental illness and explains how the structure of this type of family causes the dysfunction due to trying to survive.) Funny cartoons help with seeing a little humor in the entire situation and what to do to help with the recovery of such families. Michele Downey is an RN, MAC, LMFT in private practice since 1987 and a nurse since 1977. She has been producing a series of meditational music and instructional audio’s in concert with the Australian recording artists, “The Chill Sessions”. As the founder of her own Recovery Life Coaching School, her coaches specialize in families affected by mood disorders and addictions. In 2011, she also expanded her offices to include LA and San Diego. She lives in Hollywood, in a 30,000 sq. foot art studio, with Bob Womack, President of Steve Kaufman Art and RawSakStudioinc.,World’s Premier Pop Artist.

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