Here’s a look at how bad the homeless problem in Los Angeles has become

The worst homeless region in downtown Los Angeles.

In this video, I’m going to head into downtown Los Angeles to get a glimpse of the exploding homeless problem that’s taking over California’s largest city. Due to political decisions, the number of homeless people has grown tremendously, and I had not witnessed it. With downtown LA still two miles in the background, I got a preview of the mess I would see when I arrived into the hub of the mess. The sides of the roads were strewn with trash, mattresses and likely, even feces. The day was Wednesday, October 28, 2020, at high noon.

Just on the outskirts of downtown Los Angeles are open air markets, many of them catering to the hispanic population. You can buy everything from pinatas to knock off blankets and t shirts to produce in these markets. There were also many open air, and possibly unauthorized food stands on both sides of the road. Odds are the tacos are tremendous, although, potentially dangerous due to probable health code violations.

It may seem like the homeless issue in many cities in the US has grown by quite a bit, but that’s only in major cities. Overall, the number of homeless people in our nation has ticked down – by about 14% in the last ten years.

However, in Los Angeles, it’s risen by 75% in the last six years, and now, there are an estimated 36,000 homeless people here. Part of that is because of the warm weather. Part of that is California politicians pandering to the homeless. Of course, drugs and addictions are a big part of it. And for many homeless in California, it’s a lifestyle.

Many also blame the LA homeless problem on the high cost of living, though most of those pushed out of their homes live in their vehicles or in motel rooms

Los Angeles ranks 4th in the world for its homeless population. Mumbai, India has 60,000 people, and Manilla in the Philippines has 70,000.

All of the areas I’m going to drive through are all in downtown proper, and are just a small example of the homeless encampments that exist not only in downtown proper, but in this city and county.

Many of the homeless were inside their tents or tarps. You could hear faint yelling and arguing going on behind their thin walls. Some wandered aimlessly. Others pushed shopping carts or baby strollers around with trash or recyclables inside. Some just laid down on the sidewalks without even a blanket. Others laid in the gutters as if they didn’t have any dignity or hope.

As I drove through the homeless areas, many people yelled at me for filming them. Some would get upset for being on camera, and then straight away, forget what they were upset about. Many wonder the streets. You can smell feces in the air. You can hear propane heaters running on every block, behind the large tarps that look like they are there permanently.

Los Angeles, like the rest of the west coast, has a big problem on its hands. While some people are temporarily homeless due to a life changing event, for the people on the streets of big cities like this, it’s a chronic issue. Its a very complicated problem. And with that comes a very complicated solution.

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