Heroin Addiction and Withdrawal | Understand and Overcome Heroin Addiction


Heroin addiction is on the rise. Watch this video to learn the necessary information to get yourself or your loved ones off heroin for good.

Addiction Counselor Rob Mo explains what heroin is, why heroin is so addictive, what it feels like,, how people get addicted, how it often leads to fentanyl abuse and overdose. He also covers the signs and symptoms of heroin use, like withdrawal symptoms, how it is used, what heroin looks like, street names for heroin, and heroin addiction treatment.

Through understanding heroin addiction, you can then begin to heal with proven treatment methods.

What is heroin? 00:33 Why is heroin so addictive? 00:49 What does heroin feel like? 01:14 Heroin withdrawal symptoms 02:00 How people get addicted 02:25 heroin and fentanyl 03:42 Heroin Use Signs and Symptoms 04:45 How is Heroin Used? 05:40 What does heroin look like? 05:54 heroin street names 06:03 The cost of active addiction 06:17 Heroin addiction treatment 07:03

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