How can a sober living home help someone in recovery from addiction?

What is sober living? And how can a sober living home help someone in their recovery from drug or alcohol addiction?

Many people make their first steps into recovery from drug or alcohol addiction by entering an inpatient treatment rehab facility for 30, 60, 90 days – or sometimes more. Inpatient drug rehab can be a life changing event and health choice. However, for many, inpatient treatment is only the beginning of their recovery journey.

After rehab, it’s important to take ownership of your future by going to group meetings, talking with your sponsor, and following up with your doctors and therapists. Sober living homes, or transitional housing, are a great setting to accomplish these things as the environment can offer support from friends and professionals, while giving clear boundaries in early recovery. This time period can help you shape your future, practice vital recovery skills, form health habits, and heal from the pain of addiction.

We reached out to friends and experts to tell us about the “next step” for many — aftercare, halfway homes (halfway house) sober living.


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