If you are concerned that someone you know is addicted to prescription pills, here are some steps you can take to get them help:

Have a conversation: Talk to the person and express your concerns about their drug use. Encourage them to seek help.

Research treatment options: Look for drug treatment programs in your area that specialize in prescription drug addiction. You can search online, contact your doctor or a local addiction treatment center for recommendations.

Encourage them to see a doctor: It’s important for the person to see a doctor who can assess their physical and mental health and provide appropriate treatment options.

Consider interventions: If the person is resistant to seeking help, consider staging an intervention. This is a structured conversation in which friends and family members come together to express their concerns and encourage the person to seek treatment.

Support recovery: Offer emotional support and encouragement throughout the person’s recovery process. Attend support group meetings with them or encourage them to join a local support group for people in recovery.

Remember, addiction is a complex disease and recovery is a lifelong process. It’s important to be patient, supportive, and compassionate throughout the person’s journey to recovery.