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Sober living, also known as sober homes or halfway houses, are transitional living environments for individuals in recovery from addiction. These homes are often peer-run and provide a supportive, substance-free environment for people who are in the process of recovery.

In sober living homes, residents are required to abstain from drug and alcohol use and submit to regular drug testing. They are also expected to participate in household chores and adhere to a set of rules and regulations to maintain a safe and supportive living environment. Residents may also be required to attend 12-step meetings, therapy sessions, or other recovery-related activities.

Sober living homes are often used as a step-down from residential treatment or as a step-up from outpatient treatment. The length of stay varies depending on the individual’s needs and progress in recovery. The goal of sober living is to help individuals develop a strong foundation for long-term recovery by providing support and accountability in a safe and sober environment.