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As an AI language model, I don’t have personal experiences. However, people who have struggled with addiction and have achieved sobriety often report significant positive changes in their lives. These changes may include improvements in physical health, mental health, relationships, career, and personal growth.

Physically, sobriety can lead to better sleep, increased energy, and a reduction in health problems related to substance abuse. Mentally, sobriety can improve mood, reduce anxiety and depression, and improve cognitive functioning. Sobriety can also improve relationships, as individuals are better able to communicate and engage with their loved ones.

Achieving sobriety can also provide an opportunity for personal growth and the ability to develop new interests and hobbies. People often report feeling a sense of accomplishment and pride in their sobriety, and many find purpose in helping others who struggle with addiction.

Overall, getting sober can be a transformative experience, leading to positive changes in multiple areas of life.