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Safe injection sites, also known as supervised injection facilities, are facilities where people who use drugs can inject their drugs under the supervision of trained staff. Here is how they typically work:

Entry and Registration: Clients enter the facility and register with staff. They are required to provide basic personal information and declare the drugs they are carrying.

Drug Checking: In some safe injection sites, staff checks the drugs to ensure they are not contaminated or laced with other substances.

Injection: The clients enter a private booth or room to inject the drugs. They are provided with sterile injection equipment, such as needles and syringes, and are instructed on proper injection technique. Staff members are available to provide assistance if needed.

Supervision: Staff members monitor clients while they inject the drugs to ensure their safety and prevent overdose. They also provide support and referrals to other services, such as counseling or drug treatment.

Disposal: Clients are instructed to properly dispose of used needles and other injection equipment in designated sharps containers.

The goal of safe injection sites is to provide a safe and clean environment for people who use drugs to inject their drugs, reducing the risk of overdose, infection, and other health problems. Additionally, they provide an opportunity for staff members to engage with clients and offer support and referrals to other services that can help them quit drug use or manage their addiction.