Dealing with a functional alcoholic can be challenging as they may appear to be handling their responsibilities while still maintaining their addiction. Here are some steps to take when dealing with a functional alcoholic:

Educate yourself: Learn about addiction and how it affects individuals. This will give you a better understanding of what your loved one is going through and how to approach them.

Encourage communication: Talk to your loved one about their drinking and encourage them to open up to you. Avoid being judgmental and instead, offer support and encouragement.

Set boundaries: Let your loved one know that their drinking is impacting you and others around them. Set boundaries on what you will and will not tolerate.

Get help: Encourage your loved one to seek help from a professional. Provide them with information on available resources such as rehab centers, therapy sessions, or support groups.

Take care of yourself: Dealing with addiction can be emotionally and mentally exhausting. Take care of yourself by seeking support from family, friends, or a therapist. Remember to practice self-care and do things that bring you joy.

It’s essential to remember that recovery is a personal journey, and change takes time. Encouraging and supporting your loved one throughout their recovery process can make a significant impact on their success.