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Dealing with alcoholic rage can be challenging and requires a calm and measured approach. Here are some tips that might help:

Stay calm: The first step to dealing with alcoholic rage is to stay calm yourself. Don’t engage in arguments or try to reason with an angry alcoholic. This will only escalate the situation.

Remove yourself from the situation: If possible, remove yourself from the situation until the person has calmed down. If you’re in the same room, try to create some space between yourself and the person by moving to another area.

Don’t take it personally: Remember that the alcoholic’s rage is not about you. It’s a result of their addiction and their inability to cope with their emotions in a healthy way.

Avoid enabling behavior: Don’t try to pacify or placate the person, as this can reinforce their negative behavior.

Seek professional help: If the alcoholic’s rage is becoming a regular occurrence, it’s important to seek professional help. A therapist or counselor can help the person deal with their addiction and learn healthy ways to cope with their emotions.

Consider an intervention: If the person is resistant to seeking help, an intervention may be necessary. This involves a group of people who care about the person coming together to express their concerns and encourage them to seek treatment.