Dealing with someone who is drunk and angry can be challenging and potentially dangerous. Here are some tips to help deal with drunk anger:

Stay calm: It’s essential to stay calm when dealing with someone who is drunk and angry. Avoid reacting to their anger with anger of your own, as this can escalate the situation.

Listen actively: Listen actively to what the person is saying, and try to understand their perspective. Validate their feelings by acknowledging that you hear what they’re saying and that you understand that they’re upset.

Avoid arguing: Avoid arguing with the person, as this can escalate their anger. Instead, focus on finding a solution to the problem or on de-escalating the situation.

Set boundaries: If the person is behaving in a threatening or abusive manner, it’s essential to set boundaries. Let them know that their behavior is not acceptable and that you will not tolerate it.

Remove yourself from the situation if necessary: If the situation becomes unsafe or the person refuses to calm down, it may be necessary to remove yourself from the situation. Call for help if necessary, such as law enforcement or medical professionals.

Address the issue when they’re sober: Once the person has sobered up, address the issue with them. Let them know how their behavior affected you and others and encourage them to seek help if necessary.

Remember that dealing with drunk anger can be challenging, and it’s essential to prioritize your safety and the safety of others. Seek help if necessary, and encourage the person to seek help to address their alcohol use and anger issues.