It’s important to remember that you cannot force someone to stop using drugs or make them change their behavior. However, you can encourage and support them in making positive choices for their health and well-being. Here are some steps you can take:

Talk to your friend: Express your concerns in a caring and non-judgmental manner. Listen to their perspective and offer your support.

Educate yourself: Learn about the effects of drugs and addiction. This can help you understand what your friend is going through and how you can help.

Encourage professional help: Suggest that your friend seek professional help such as counseling or rehab. You can offer to help them find resources and make arrangements if needed.

Offer support: Let your friend know that you’re there for them and support their decision to seek help. Offer to accompany them to appointments or meetings.

Set boundaries: If your friend’s drug use is negatively impacting your own well-being, it’s important to set boundaries for your own safety and mental health.

Remember, addiction is a complex issue, and recovery is a journey that takes time and effort. Encourage your friend to take the steps they need to get help, but ultimately, the decision to change their behavior is up to them.