A stimulant overdose is a serious medical emergency that requires immediate treatment. Here are some steps that can be taken to treat a stimulant overdose:

Call emergency services: If you suspect that someone has overdosed on stimulants, call for emergency medical help immediately.

Monitor the person’s vital signs: Keep an eye on the person’s breathing, pulse, and blood pressure, and provide first aid if necessary.

Provide supportive care: Keep the person calm and comfortable, and ensure that they remain hydrated.

Administer medication: In some cases, medication may be administered to help manage the symptoms of a stimulant overdose.

Treat underlying conditions: If the person is experiencing an underlying medical condition, such as a seizure disorder or heart disease, it will need to be treated as well.

Provide ongoing care and support: Once the person has received treatment for the overdose, ongoing care and support will be needed to help them recover and prevent future overdoses.

It is important to seek professional medical help in the event of a stimulant overdose.