How To Treat DXM Addiction?

DXM or Dextromethorphan is frequently misused because of the euphoric effects it produces when taken in higher-than-recommended dosages. DXM is often available on the shelves of neighborhood convenience shops and drugstores since it is used in cough syrup and other cold and cough medication formulations. 

More thorough therapies for this addiction have been accessible throughout time. Medical detox may be used initially to treat DXM addiction. Other treatment options such as residential or outpatient treatment are available. Because no two people experience addiction in the same way, what works for one person might not work for another. Therefore treatment programs are customized to meet each need. Group and individual therapy sessions, counseling, support group meetings, educational opportunities, life skills training, and alternative or holistic treatments are all part of outpatient and residential drug addiction treatment. 

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