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Mountainside Treatment Center provides comprehensive, innovative and affordable residential drug addiction and alcohol rehabilitation for individuals suffering with addiction.

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In the ‘90s, a group of friends began working together towards a common goal: to raise the standard of addiction treatment. From this goal, Mountainside was born.

Well, I’m a recovering alcoholic myself, and I had 3 years clean and sober and I had heard of this place in Canaan that had been another treatment center. So, we saw the need for this, and a group of us got together and raised the money. And Martin Fedor and I started out and we’ve been partners from the beginning. We took title in ’97 and opened in February of ’98.

Mountainside quickly emerged as a game-changer in the industry. From the beginning, Mountainside encouraged clients to explore the connection between mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Mountainside’s holistic activities help our clients develop the skills and confidence to live healthy lives in recovery. They complement the clinical treatments that serve as the bedrock of all programs in our continuum of care: Detox, Residential, Extended Care, Outpatient Services, Recovery Coaching, Adolescent Services, and Medication-Assisted Treatment. Mountainside continues to set the standard for addiction treatment. High-quality care is delivered every day.

What draws a lot of people to Mountainside – it’s not just a job, but it’s the fact that they can directly impact the clients’ treatment, no matter what position it is that they hold. If you look across our services, you feel something that you kind of can’t put your finger on. It’s this compassionate energy that people just bring with them when they come to work at Mountainside. One of the things we task every new employee with is to say, imagine if your most cherished loved ones were to find themselves in a place like this. What experience would you want them to experience? I think that’s something that guides a lot of the employees at Mountainside, and ultimately ends up in the quality of the care that we provide. It’s the spirit of Mountainside that everyone talks about.

Looking ahead to the next 20 years, Mountainside is positioned to grow even more into a behavioral health platform, providing access to care in more locations to make it easier for individuals to find treatment, harnessing the power of data to improve treatment outcomes, and more.

We see Mountainside using a much more data-refined approach, we see more specificity in our levels of care and the approach to each of those levels of care, and we see the opening up of the aperture from that zero to thirty days, to the zero to 365 [days]. We’re going to be testing all of our outcomes and all the results, because at the end of the day, we do what we do for each and every client. We want to provide each client the best shot at a long-lasting recovery and a happy life.

Mountainside: celebrating 20 years of helping people live happier, healthier, addiction-free lives.



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