Rapid Detox – Opioid Addiction Treatment – Rapid Drug Detox – Opiate Addiction Treatment

Reach Out Today! – 1-800-423-2482 To learn more about the Waismann Method® – Rapid Detox: ( Are you or a loved one addicted to opiate painkillers? Detox addiction to painkillers in only a few days not weeks. We are here to help. To receive assistance or information about the Waismann Method advance rapid detox treatment for opiate dependence call us for more information and speak confidently with an expert today The face of the American has changed a bit those addicted to powerful painkillers may include a spouse, a grandmother, even a coworker. Tonight we feature a new treatment that promises to help people kick the habit in just a few hours.

Arthur Schick is a retired police officer who’s also hooked on prescription drugs. Two years ago an accident left Arthur with a broken pelvis, 3 broken vertebrae and a prescription for powerful painkillers. Today he eats 18 double Vicodin a day, taking pills every 3 hours just to feel normal.

Arthur wants to get off these pills so he’s checked into a hospital ready to undergo a controversial treatment – rapid opiate detox under anesthesia. The procedure is simply called: Rapid Detox.

Anyone can develop a drug habit. It has nothing to do with genetics. Anyone that takes these powerful drugs for a period of time will become physically dependent and have trouble getting off. Vicodin, Percocet, OxyContin, all derivatives of the opium poppy plant, these drugs help treat severe pain but also produce a state of well-being and euphoria and that makes it easy to get hooked.

As you take more and more opiates you become more and more tolerant. The storage areas in your brain become bigger and bigger which means you have more receptors and that is why people need more drug to get the same effect.

Arthur’s opiate dependency was treated in an hour and a half. A cocktail of drugs keeps the patient asleep so he doesn’t feel the agonizing pains of withdrawal from the drugs as a drug called Naltrexone pushes all of the opiates off of the receptors in his brain so his body doesn’t need the pain killers anymore. Once Arthur leaves the hospital he’ll take Naltrexone for 3 months, 6 months, the rest of his life – as long as he needs it. A year later patients are having a 65-75% success from the treatment.