‘Spice zombie’ filmed doing Michael Jackson’s Thriller

A “SPICE zombie” is filmed shuffling to Michael Jackson’s Thriller in disturbing footage posted online.

The clip, captured outside Bristol train station, shows the legless bloke barely able to stand.

Pedestrians can be seen walking past as the man struggles to stay upright.

Phil puts on the Jackson track — to loud laughter from those watching.

One man can be heard asking: “Who put on that song?”

The same man can be heard urging: “Go on, do the Thriller.”

Floor layer Phil, 35, who took the video, said: “My reaction was to laugh and people walking past were laughing as well.”

After seeing the clip on social media, Anthony Stericker commented: “Whoever put that song on is a f*** legend.”

Tony Hulme wrote: “Sassy moves going on.”

Lee Lath said: “Had me in stitches.”

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