Thailand’s Vomit Clinics Healing Ice Addicts

Last Resort Rehab: Thailand’s vomit-inducing solution to drug addiction.

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Without sufficient rehab facilities at home, many desperate Australian addicts are looking abroad to help kick their habit. We travel to Thailand to explore the country’s unique approach to rehabilitation.

“From a mother’s perspective I had to do something, because I could slowly see him killing himself”, says Julie. Desperate for her son to kick his addiction, and having discovered a 7 month waiting list for each of the few rehab centres in Australia, Julie looked to the HOPE rehabilitation centre in Thailand: With Australian addicts making up over half of their patients, the HOPE centre has become an overseas refuge for scores of Australians determined to get clean.​ ​Also desperate to kick his addiction, Steve has traveled to the infamous Wat Tham Krabok temple in the north of Thailand, a temple known “The Vomiting Temple” for its brutal rehabilitation techniques. At the temple, addicts drink nothing but secret herbal remedies and are forced to vomit rigorously for 5 days. The monks claims that, among foreigners, only 10% of patients ever use drugs again. If true, this would make the temple the most successful rehab facility in the world: Steve is a firm believer, revealing, “it’s saved my life mate, it’s saved my life”.

SBS Dateline – Ref. 6588

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