Tips to Stay Sober | Addiction Recovery | Relapse Prevention

Daily Recovery—11-4-19—417 Days Sober—

3 Tips To Stay Sober- Addiction Recovery- Relapse Prevention

Recovery is important and sometimes can be a very hard and challenging thing to continue doing, especially with easier options out there that we are more familiar with. Unfortunately a lot of people struggle and relapse and continue because they aren’t staying focused and exercising just a few basic things that could change their lives in the long term.

Today I listed 3 things… two of which are applicable to many and one which really only applies to a specific group of people in recovery but between the three they can account for about 98% of relapses I have witnessed and been a part of myself. I am not talking about a couple individuals, I am stating facts that brought down about 90% of the people who I have encountered over the last 417 days that I have remained sober.

No judgement, just observations… things that can be avoided. Of all the relapses I have had myself and the hundreds I have seen with the people in recovery around me, pretty much all could have been avoided. Relapse is at times a part of our ultimate stories and possibly something many of us go through multiple times before we finally get clean and sober for good… but that does not mean we can avoid some in the future by taking some advice from one alcoholic to another alcoholic or addict.

The drug of choice does not matter: alcohol, heroin, pills, marijuana, cocaine… the stories and the excuses after a relapse are pretty much the same. Unless your were deliberately forced to or tricked… going backwards in your recovery can be avoided.

3 Simple tips that some people can make sooo hard because they have other needs or prepare excuses in advance for why they can or cannot do something. These are called reservations, things that keep us connected to an old lifestyle that we need to desperately change and leave in the past if we have any chance to move forward.

Love you Guys- Stay Sober Keep Moving Forward.

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This channel was designed to follow my journey after I discovered how to stop drinking and successfully stay sober each day. Early sobriety can sometimes be hard to go at alone. Since then I have learned the value of community as I reach out to help and reach out for help and encourage others to quit drinking and stop drug use. After coming out of rehab many guys from the rehabilitation center have already relapsed but yet immediately jumped back on the sober life. We encourage each other and continue to try and spread the message and help others figure out how to stop drinking and stop alcohol abuse and chemical dependence. Other guys have been helping by sharing their own stories of experience strength and hope and how their life after addiction has changed them. Some are overcoming legal and health problems. The simple point is that if we do not do what we can to make an impact and try to stop drinking and slow down addiction than it will continue to lead to arrests and deaths. The opiate, opioid, heroin and other drug epidemics are claiming lives both of the addicts themselves and the destruction of those around them. I am glad that I learned how to stop alcohol abuse and hopefully will continue to stay sober and live a happy and healthy life in sobriety. My friends and are are very passionate about heloing others so that they do not have to go down the same roads as we have in our addictions and abuse. Together we can learn how to stop drinking alcohol and continue to stay sober. Passing on the message of alcoholism and getting sober is important to our own sobriety. Welcome to daily recovery.