West Suffolk Community Cardiac Rehab Group – Live Stream Friday 22nd May 2020

West Suffolk Community Cardiac Rehabilitation Team – Home Exercise Programmes Pre Exercise – Please ensure you have read the Exercise Checklist below – if you are having any symptoms then please do not exercise on this occasion and contact your Cardiac Rehabilitation Nurse for advice on the contact number you have been provided.

BEFORE starting your exercise: Have your GTN Spray (if prescribed) and a bottle of Water to hand. Do Not Exercise if: • You have not eaten or if you have eaten a large meal prior to the session • Have taken any excessive alcohol or recreational drugs in the past 24 hours • If you are taking Antibiotics

Please ensure that you have informed your Cardiac Rehabilitation Nurse if you have any of the following: • Chest Pain (New or Worsening) • Palpitations • Increase in Shortness of Breath • Dizziness • Swelling of Ankles • High or Low Blood Sugar Levels • Sudden Increase in Weight or if you are generally feeling unwell: • Reduced Energy • Fever • Sore Throat • Cough

Please contact your Cardiac Rehabilitation Nurse to discuss any of the following: • Any changes in Medications or if you have Not taken your Prescribed Medication • Any New or Worsening Joint Problems (e.g. Back or Knee Pain) • Any New Test Results (e.g. Blood Tests / Blood Pressure / Cholesterol / ECHO / Other)

DURING your exercise if you have any of the following – Please stop the exercise and inform your Cardiac Rehabilitation Nurse • Chest Pain • Dizziness • Joint Pain / Problems • General Feelings of being Unwell