What addiction treatment modalities does APN Lodge have available on campus?

APN’s Medical Director Michael Schwartz introduces the various addiction treatment modalities offered at APN lodge. Click (… to learn more.)

All Points North Lodge is a comprehensive wellness and personal development campus surrounded by spectacular Colorado’s Rocky mountain views just outside Vail. APN Lodge offers mental health and addiction treatment with a trauma emphasis and family focus. APN Lodge’s integrated treatment model focuses on the connections between trauma, stress, addiction, coping skills, and family systems. Two distinct tracks allow you to make progress in mental and physical health. Stay connected long-term through our APN App, community support, and telehealth. – Behavioral: Addiction Treatment, Mental Health, & Trauma Therapy – Health: Executive Health, Performance, Concussion and Depression Center, & Physical Rehabilitation. Have more questions? Click (… or call 970-401-6797.)