What Medications Are Used To Treat Alcohol Abuse?

Few individuals are aware that there are medicines available to treat alcohol use disorder, often known as alcoholism or alcohol misuse. Medication appears to be a good element of the most successful treatment combination for alcohol use disorders. Here are some medications used in treating alcohol abuse:

  • Naltrexone. This FDA-approved medication works by reducing the pleasurable effect of alcohol, which occurs when the substance activates opioid receptors in the brain. Naltrexone works by blocking certain receptors, preventing them from reacting to alcohol.
  • Baclofen. Because alcohol and baclofen both stimulate GABA receptors in the same manner, baclofen might be used as a kind of replacement to help drinkers feel satisfied when they aren’t drinking.
  • Gabapentin. It’s also an anti-anxiety medicine. Because anxiety and drinking are strongly related, it can also help people manage alcohol addiction.
  • Acamprosate. It is another FDA-approved treatment option for alcohol addiction. Acamprosate, like naltrexone, works as a neurotransmitter receptor in the brain.
  • Topiramate. It has also been shown in studies to assist heavy drinkers in reducing their alcohol consumption. Topiramate has also shown potential as a cocaine addiction remedy.

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