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Naloxone kits are available for purchase at many pharmacies and health clinics in the United States, as well as through online retailers and other sources.

As far as my knowledge cutoff date, April 2023, many states have implemented laws and policies that make naloxone more accessible to individuals at risk of overdose or their family members. In some states, pharmacists can dispense naloxone without a prescription, and in other states, standing orders have been implemented that allow certain healthcare providers to prescribe naloxone to individuals at risk of overdose.

To purchase a naloxone kit, you can visit a participating pharmacy or health clinic and ask about naloxone availability. You may also be able to purchase naloxone online through retailers such as Amazon or through online pharmacies. It is important to ensure that you are purchasing naloxone from a reputable source and that you receive appropriate education and training on how to administer the medication.

In addition, naloxone may be available at no cost through various programs and initiatives, such as state or local naloxone distribution programs or harm reduction organizations. It is important to research local resources and programs to determine if free or low-cost naloxone is available in your area.