If you observe a suspected drunk driver on the road, it’s important to report it to the appropriate authorities immediately to prevent accidents and save lives. Here are some options to consider:

Call 911: If you witness a suspected drunk driver, call 911 immediately and provide as much detail as possible about the vehicle, the driver, and their location. Be prepared to provide your own location and any other relevant information that may be helpful to the authorities.

Call local law enforcement: If you are not able to reach 911, you can also call your local law enforcement agency to report a suspected drunk driver. Look up the non-emergency number for your local police department and provide them with as much information as possible.

Use a mobile app: There are mobile apps, such as “Drunk Mode” or “Uber Safe,” that allow you to report drunk drivers and notify local authorities of their location.

Contact a DUI hotline: There are several DUI hotlines available that allow you to report suspected drunk drivers. These hotlines can provide you with guidance on how to handle the situation and may assist in notifying local authorities.

It’s important to remember that reporting a suspected drunk driver can prevent accidents and save lives. Always prioritize your safety and the safety of others on the road.