If you suspect or witness substance abuse, there are several places you can report it, depending on the situation:

Emergency services: If someone is in immediate danger due to substance abuse, call 911 or your local emergency services.

Substance abuse treatment centers: Many substance abuse treatment centers offer hotlines or referral services to report substance abuse and get help for individuals in need.

Mental health clinics: Mental health clinics may offer resources or referrals for reporting and addressing substance abuse.

Child protective services: If you suspect that a child is being exposed to substance abuse or is at risk due to a caregiver’s substance abuse, contact your local child protective services agency.

Workplace human resources department: If you suspect or witness substance abuse in the workplace, you can report it to your company’s human resources department or employee assistance program.

Law enforcement: If you witness drug dealing or other illegal drug activity, you can report it to your local law enforcement agency or to a drug tip line.

It’s important to remember that reporting substance abuse can be a sensitive issue and may have legal or personal implications. Be sure to seek guidance from a trusted source, such as a medical or mental health professional, before making a report.