Drug and alcohol tests can be taken at a variety of locations, including:

Doctor’s offices: A healthcare professional can provide drug and alcohol testing as part of a medical evaluation.

Hospitals: Hospitals may provide drug and alcohol testing for patients, particularly in cases of suspected overdose or substance use disorder.

Occupational health clinics: Many occupational health clinics offer drug and alcohol testing for employers or employees.

Drug testing facilities: There are specialized drug testing facilities that provide drug and alcohol testing services. You can search online for “drug testing facilities near me” or “alcohol testing facilities near me” to find options in your area.

At-home test kits: At-home drug and alcohol test kits can be purchased online or in stores and can be used in the privacy of your own home.

It is important to note that drug and alcohol tests can vary in terms of their accuracy and reliability, and it is important to choose a reputable provider or test kit. It is also important to follow any specific instructions or requirements for the test, such as fasting before the test or avoiding certain substances.