The World Health Organization (WHO) has published several reports on substance abuse, including alcohol and drug use disorders. These reports provide an overview of the global burden of substance abuse, trends in substance use, patterns of harm, and policy responses. Some of the key WHO substance abuse reports include:

Global Status Report on Alcohol and Health: This report provides a comprehensive overview of the global burden of alcohol consumption and its impact on public health, including trends in alcohol consumption, patterns of harm, and policy responses.

World Drug Report: This report provides an overview of the global drug situation, including trends in drug use, drug-related harms, and policy responses.

Substance Abuse Treatment for Persons with HIV/AIDS: This report provides guidance on the treatment of substance use disorders among people living with HIV/AIDS, highlighting the importance of integrated care for these populations.

Technical Guidance on Drug Dependence Treatment: This report provides technical guidance on the management of drug dependence, including guidelines on the use of medication-assisted treatment, psychosocial support, and other evidence-based interventions.

Overall, these WHO substance abuse reports provide valuable information and insights into the complex and multifaceted issues associated with substance abuse, highlighting the need for comprehensive, evidence-based approaches to prevention, treatment, and harm reduction.