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Drug testing is often used as part of a substance abuse evaluation to help healthcare professionals assess the individual’s drug use and addiction history. There are several reasons why drug testing is typically included in a substance abuse evaluation, including:

To confirm drug use: Drug testing can provide objective evidence of recent or ongoing drug use. This information can help healthcare professionals make an accurate diagnosis and determine the appropriate treatment plan.

To identify the specific drug or drugs used: Different drugs have different effects on the body and require different treatment approaches. Drug testing can help healthcare professionals identify the specific drug or drugs used and tailor the treatment plan accordingly.

To monitor progress: Drug testing can be used to monitor the individual’s progress during treatment and assess whether they are abstaining from drug use.

To identify co-occurring conditions: Drug testing can also be used to identify co-occurring conditions, such as mental health disorders, that may be contributing to drug use or making recovery more challenging.

It’s important to note that drug testing is just one part of a comprehensive substance abuse evaluation, which typically includes a detailed medical history, physical exam, and mental health assessment. The goal of a substance abuse evaluation is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the individual’s addiction history and help develop an individualized treatment plan.