Addiction Rehab Boca Raton is a substance abuse treatment center located in Boca Raton, Florida. The facility offers a range of programs for individuals struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.

The center provides residential inpatient treatment, which involves round-the-clock care and support for individuals who require intensive treatment. The program includes individual and group therapy sessions, 12-step meetings, life skills training, and recreational activities. Treatment is tailored to meet the specific needs of each client, with a focus on addressing the underlying issues that contribute to addiction.

In addition to residential treatment, Addiction Rehab Boca Raton also offers outpatient programs, including partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs. These programs are designed for individuals who have completed residential treatment or for those who do not require 24-hour care. The outpatient programs provide support and education to help individuals maintain their sobriety and transition back to daily life.

The facility is staffed by licensed therapists, counselors, and medical professionals who specialize in addiction treatment. The staff is committed to helping individuals achieve lasting recovery and provides ongoing support throughout the treatment process.

Addiction Rehab Boca Raton offers a range of amenities to ensure the comfort and well-being of clients during their stay. The facility features private bedrooms, a swimming pool, a fitness center, and nutritious meals prepared by a chef.

The center accepts most insurance plans, and offers affordable payment options for those who are uninsured or underinsured. They also provide transportation services to and from the facility.

Overall, Addiction Rehab Boca Raton provides comprehensive treatment programs in a comfortable and supportive environment. Their personalized approach to treatment and commitment to client care makes them a top choice for individuals seeking recovery from addiction in the Boca Raton area.