Alcoholic Treatment Lutz is a substance abuse treatment facility located in Lutz, Florida. It offers various programs for individuals struggling with addiction, including residential and outpatient programs, as well as detoxification services. The center also provides specialized services for those who have dual diagnoses, which means that they are struggling with both addiction and mental health disorders.

The residential program at Alcoholic Treatment Lutz is designed to provide a supportive and structured environment for individuals who need to live on-site while they receive treatment. This program includes individual and group therapy sessions, as well as activities like meditation, yoga, and art therapy. The center also offers a partial hospitalization program (PHP) for individuals who need intensive treatment but do not require 24-hour care.

In addition to residential and PHP programs, Alcoholic Treatment Lutz also offers outpatient treatment services. These programs allow individuals to receive treatment while still living at home and attending work or school. Outpatient programs may include individual and group therapy sessions, as well as access to support groups and other resources.

Detoxification services are also available at Alcoholic Treatment Lutz. This process involves helping individuals safely and comfortably withdraw from drugs or alcohol under medical supervision. The detoxification process can be challenging and potentially dangerous, so having access to medical care and support is essential.

Alcoholic Treatment Lutz also provides specialized services for individuals who have dual diagnoses. These individuals require a different approach to treatment, as both their addiction and mental health issues need to be addressed simultaneously. The center has a team of trained professionals who are experienced in treating dual diagnoses and can provide specialized care and support.

Overall, Alcoholic Treatment Lutz provides a comprehensive range of services to help individuals overcome addiction and reclaim their lives. With its focus on individualized treatment plans and a supportive environment, the center aims to help individuals achieve lasting recovery and improve their overall quality of life.