Recovery from addiction can be a complex and challenging process, but it can also bring about feelings of hope, empowerment, and renewed purpose. Some common feelings that individuals may experience in recovery from addiction include:

Gratitude: Individuals in recovery may feel a sense of gratitude for the support and resources that have helped them overcome their addiction.

Empowerment: Recovery can also bring about a sense of empowerment, as individuals take control of their lives and make positive changes to support their sobriety.

Renewed purpose: Individuals in recovery may also experience a renewed sense of purpose, as they work towards rebuilding relationships, pursuing new goals, and living a fulfilling life free from addiction.

Vulnerability: Recovery can also be a vulnerable process, as individuals confront difficult emotions, memories, and experiences related to their addiction.

Frustration: Recovery can also be frustrating, as individuals may experience setbacks, cravings, or other challenges that can make it difficult to maintain sobriety.

Overall, recovery can be a complex and emotional process, but it can also bring about significant positive changes and a renewed sense of hope and purpose. It’s important for individuals in recovery to seek ongoing support and resources to help them navigate the challenges and maintain their sobriety over the long-term.