Pentazocine is a potent pain reliever that is classified as an opioid. It is important to note that the use of opioids can lead to addiction and dependence. Here are some steps that can be taken to stop pentazocine addiction:

Seek professional help: The first step to stopping pentazocine addiction is to seek professional help. This can be done by visiting a doctor, addiction counselor, or rehab facility.

Detoxification: The next step is detoxification, which involves stopping the use of pentazocine and allowing the body to rid itself of the drug. This can be done in a medical facility, where a doctor can monitor the process and prescribe medications to ease withdrawal symptoms.

Behavioral therapy: Behavioral therapy can be used to address the psychological aspect of addiction. This therapy can help identify the triggers that lead to drug use and develop coping mechanisms to deal with those triggers.

Support groups: Joining support groups can help individuals struggling with pentazocine addiction to find emotional support, share their experiences, and learn from others who have gone through similar experiences.

Lifestyle changes: Making lifestyle changes can also help individuals struggling with addiction to stay clean. This may include avoiding triggers, engaging in physical activities, eating a healthy diet, and getting enough rest.

Avoid relapse: Avoiding relapse is an important part of staying clean. This may involve staying away from people, places, and situations that can trigger drug use, and having a relapse prevention plan in place.