What To Do If Your Parent Is An Addict?

One of the most common issues we hear about is that a parent has become an addict, and the children do not know what to do about it. Sometimes, they are scared of being taken away from the parent if the authorities find out. They only want their parent to get better. And sometimes, they are suffering from the effects of the parent’s mood swings and violence. It all makes for tragic listening. 

Remember, it is not your fault. When you find yourself guilty or upset about a parent’s substance use, remind yourself that you are not the cause of your parent’s problem. You cannot control another person’s substance use. And you can’t cure them of the disease of addiction. What you can do is build your strength by reaching out for help. Support groups are great places to turn when you feel overwhelmed by another person’s addiction. 

You will need one strong person to help you make sure your parent goes through with the promise to go to detox or rehab and follow up with them regularly. In our facility, clients participate in individual therapy sessions, group counseling, family therapy, support groups, and other activities that will help them learn how to avoid alcohol and drugs in the future. Call us today! We can help you find a recovery program that will address a parent’s needs and as well as your needs.